Mamuju, W Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Director of West Sulawesi provincial enterprises Harry Warganegara said the investment climate in the province had been substantially improving.

"In the past several months many foreign investors had expressed interest in making an investment in West Sulawesi," Harri Warganegara said in Mamuju on Sunday.

He said the high enthusiasm of the foreign investors was an indication of an improved investment climate, especially in view of the planned construction of the hydro power plant (PLTA) Karama.

It appeared that the investors were not only after PLA Karama, he said, but a number of other local potential natural resources in the region as well.

"The potential natural resources the investors in Kalumpang subdistrict are after include a coal mine in Benehau subdistrict, an iron ore mine in Karossa subdistrict, a coal mine in Bonehau subdistrict, an iron ore mine in Karossa subdistrict, and an oil/gas potential," he said.

He said the potential oil/gas mines in West Sulawesi included seven oil/gas blocks currently under explorations, such as the Suremana block by PT.Exxon Mobil Indonesia, Mandar block of PT.Exxon Mobil Indonesia, and Pasangkayu block of PT.Marathon Indonesia.

He also said that the other oil/gas potential is the Kuma block being developed by PT.CHonoco-Phillips Ina, Budong-Budong block by PT.Tately N.VTGS-Novec Gema, Karama block by PT.StatOil- Pertamina, Karama block by Pearl Oil, Malunda block by PTT. Exploration and Production, and South Mandar block by PTT. Exploration and Production.

Harry who is also head of West Sulawesi's Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) said the natural resources of the province are plenty and still in need of handling by investors like the coal mine in Mamuju, Kalumpang subdistrict, Bonehau, Sampaga, Tappalang and in Majene regency, Tammerodo subdistrict, Mamuju Utara regency, Baras, Sarudu holding 232,142,102 tons of coal.

"We also have an iron ore potential in several regions namely Karossa, Kalumpang, Tapango, Matakali, Anreapi, Matangga with holding some 498,392 tons of iron ore," he said.

If these natural potentials had been properly developed and exploited, he said, sooner or later the youngest province would be able to catch up with other provinces.(H-NG/S012)

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